Gate motors, the most popular automation used in South Africa’s households

Whether its for security or convenience the gate motor is big in SA.

Are you aware of the various options almost all gate motors have?

Most gate motors are setup to simply open when you press the remote, and stop or close again when the remote is pressed again. Sometimes there are beams that trigger the gate to close automatically once an object (car) has passed through, and sometimes the motor is set to auto close after its been open for certain amount of time.

Peoples biggest concern seems to be a gate closing on a car or a person and as a result don’t want the gate to auto close. IR beams are a great option to avoid this from happening. Should you need to leave the gate for some reason there is generally a way. check with the installer as to what options you model gate motor has.

On my gate if I hold the remote button down when opening the gate until it stops after about a meter then release it the auto close feature is ignored until I use the remote again. this is useful when I have deliveries etc and people need to go in and out for a period where the gate closing would just be a pain.

You can also have your installer wire in a relay to automatically turn on a light when your gate opens and keep it on for a specified amount of time.

Automation doesn’t only refer to the fancy light switches etc. Gate motors automate our access to our properties, Motion sensor lights switch on when someone walks near by, our alarm system automatically triggers when there’s an intruder etc.

On this level possible integrations would be something like:

Gate opens with remote, disarm any sensors where you drive in.


If the alarm is armed and the motion sensor for the light is triggered us that as an alarm input.


Gate is opened but not with a remote (Forced) trigger the alarm.


Gate is left open for too long, trigger the alarm.


Turn on all lights if the alarm is triggered.


There are more idea’s and this is only looking at Lights, gate motor and alarm. Once you add presence detection, camera analytics, audio, remote viewing, environmental sensors, consumption monitoring and control the options are endless.

Lets share idea’s projects and ideas, but lets keep it relevant to South Africa products and requirements. I know personally most of my choices are centered around how they can enhance my and my families security and save money, whereas you may find people in places like the States, the UK etc are more focused on convenience.